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25th Outdoor
Partnership King Ads
25th Rail Anniversary
Rush Hour Reading
Downtown Los Angelesland
Timetable Style Guide

2014 –/+
Presents Posters
Store Lifestyle
Heart of LA Essay Book
Union Station at 75
Vasa Studio Website
Short Range Plan

2013 –/+
Store Items
Thanksgivvukah + More
Departure Times Backlits
Open Book
Bike Safety + More
Orange Line Extension

2012 –/+
Destinations Program
Airport Connectivity
Division 5 - 100 Years
Holiday Campaigns
Open Late 'Til 2
Service Improvements
Canopy Construction
Timetable Covers

2011 –/+
Wilshire Ramps
Title VI Presentation
Tutorial Illustrations
More Trains More Often
Vasa Sculptures
Dorfman the Movie
Moeller Installations

2010 –/+
GOOD Illustrations
Pepsi Refresh Project
A Visual History
I Read The News Today
California Policy Options

2009 –/+
Nonprofit Sector in LA
The Secret War
DMA Summer Institutes
Listening to Leaders
We Are

2008 –/+
The Roll Medium
Good Practices
System Manual Book
Art|Sci Identity System
Winter Art + Activism
Fall Art + Activism

Projects –/+
Power(s) of Ten
I, P, C
We Are What We See
Raise Your Issues
San Pedro
My Robot Journal
Little Mr Sunshine
White Trash
Building Meaning
Only Connect

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