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Orange Line Extension
Bike Safety Campaign
Destinations Program

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Airport Connectivity
Division 5 - 100 Years
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Open Late 'Til 2
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Canopy Construction
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Wilshire Ramps
Title VI Presentation
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More Trains More Often
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Dorfman the Movie
Moeller Installations

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GOOD Illustrations
Pepsi Refresh Project
A Visual History
I Read The News Today
California Policy Options

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Nonprofit Sector in LA
The Secret War
DMA Summer Institutes
Listening to Leaders
We Are

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The Roll Medium
Good Practices
System Manual Book
Art|Sci Identity System
Winter Art + Activism
Fall Art + Activism

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Power(s) of Ten
I, P, C
We Are What We See
Raise Your Issues
San Pedro
My Robot Journal
Little Mr Sunshine
White Trash
Building Meaning
Only Connect

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Dynamic identity, paper system, and website encapsulating
artist Nova Jiang's mobile islands addressing issues of
urban isolation at the 01SJ Biennial, circulating throughout
San Jose carrying empty bottles and writing materials for
participants to create an anonymous “message in a bottle”
to the online world. 250 messages were collected over four
days and published on the customized Wordpress website. archipelago_gif archipelago_gif_4 archipelago_gif_3 archipelago_closeup archipelago_piles archipelago_papersystem archipelago_bottles_in_south_hall archipelago_3views_photos_by_patrick lydon_and_tiffany_huang archipelago_papersystem archipelago_shetland archipelago_web_11 archipelago_web_22